US Constitutional Operations (USconOPS) is a website devoted to inspiring those who love and support the United States Constitution to be more active in the "real world" with their political activity.  We plan to keep this website and the things we do fun and enjoyable by keeping them light and humorous.  We plan to do this by poking fun at ourselves and certain stereotypes.  We may use terms like "operator" to describe members or "mission" to describe a project we are working on. 

The idea is to get people out and from behind their computers into the physical world, relying on social media only for "comms" (communications). We believe that people have become convinced their political activity on social media is activism.  We want to awaken those who love and respect our Constitution to the fact that those who loath it have been more effective with "boots-on-the-ground" type actions and that we must also meet this concept with our own similar form of activism. The main difference is we do not create violence. To the contrary, we want people to realize activism can be fun and rewarding.  Most who support our Constitution are fun loving people and have a sense of humor.

Members of the website will seek to fund certain "operators" to carry out "missions" for projects (Operations) deemed necessary to meet our goal of supporting the United States Constitution. Come join us. We hope to make this fun and exciting!