I was thinking one day, as I often do, and thought, "wouldn't it be nice if we were older", oh wait, that's a Beach Boys song :) . . .  What I really thought was that it would be cool to start a Political Action Club (PAC) that meets once a month in a hangout and actually performs activism while in the hangout.  Activism would include, organizing group members, calling our political representatives live on air and having guests that are people who get things done.  Of course, that would make us people who get things done too, which is the cool part.

I have already sent out invitations to people like Sen. Bob Corker, who is my Senator from Tennessee and I am sure there are many more interesting people we can contact and interview to try to sway their opinions in our direction. It is only a matter or organizing and making the effort.

I will be scheduling evening organizational meetings (hangouts) soon and at these meetings we will plan our missions which would be held during hours that politicians and movers are in their offices.  So we would have say 3 weekly meetings during convenient hours and 1 monthly meeting at a special time so that we could reach these movers and shakers by phone.

It's gonna be fun and I will release a video soon to announce the first PAC meeting. Please register here or contact me for details.  I also hear that people who participate will be entered to win a freakin gun!! :)



I am starting a new investigation into a phenomenon I call "The Gun Owner Dynamic".  It deals with the different types of gun owners and their philosophy about guns and (just as important) their politics. After 10 years on YouTube and becoming an insider, I think I am uniquely qualified to take on this (what I would like to think of as an) investigation into the mind of the culture of gun owners.

My thesis?  I think that guns attract all types of people.  The obvious conservative, the fence straddling independent and even the ultimate hypocrite, the liberal. The group that intrigues me the most is the gun loving liberal.  I think there are more of these than we know and they are scattered amongst all other groups.  Like a cancer on true gun and freedom lovers.  They hide among us waiting to beat down the ideas of true gun lovers and those who want to make positive changes to laws passed by corrupt administrations.

So join me as I document and expose those who dwell among us with the motive to tear down the foundations of freedom.  It's gonna be fun!

As you may [or may not] know, I am holding a member drive and soon will be doing a giveaway. I am currently acquiring the prizes and will release a "how to enter" video soon.  The latest prize I have acquired is this cool tungsten cube that is featured in taofledermaus' video below.  Check out the other prize here.  More to come!

 In an effort to build a membership, I am having a member drive giveaway!   So go ahead and register here for updates on how to enter!  The will be many more prizes in the giveaway!

Barret and I are working on mission materials! Yes, we must prep before each mission :)
Member drive giveaway coming soon! Entering will require creating a mission and making a video. Sounds like work but the prizes are gonna be big!
Hello all! Come join us! Leave a message here if you have questions or comments. Member drive giveaway is coming soon!